What Is Mascara Made of

What Is Mascara Made Of I'm Kritsin Adams, CEO of Afterglow Cosmetics, makers of Award-Winning certified gluten free, all natural and organic makeup. One of the main questions thousands of women like yourself have is “what is mascara made of”. It’s surprising how many companies say their mascara is natural, gluten free and even organic but what they actually have in their mascara is not natural, gluten free or organic. And that’s one main reason this site was created.

What Is Mascara Made Of – The Truth About What Mascara Is Made of May Shock You

“I read about Afterglow products in an article in Alternative Medicine Magazine. Because I was fed up with the use of chemicals by many companies in the cosmetics industry, I decided to give Afterglow a try.

I threw away all of my old makeup, and decided to make a fresh start. I was thrilled when I received my order. What was more exciting, however, was the compliments that I received from so many people such as: “Your skin looks great.” I also love the way the products feel on my skin.

The foundation feels so light, almost as if I don’t have on any makeup. In addition, the eye shadow colors are beautiful and really bring out the color of my eyes. Even though I love the quality of the products, what I like more, however, is that I am not harming my body with dangerous chemicals found in the majority of cosmetics.

I would like to thank Afterglow for putting the safety of women as a priority. As such, I plan to continue buying Afterglow products from now on.” – ASHLEY H.